See the Hope

These families have found hope after significant grief. Let New Normal Grief Consulting do the same for you.​


Look no further! This woman is amazing! I met Jenny just two weeks after her husband passed. I knew immediately she was someone special. We met at GriefShare. I was the leader for the table of those who lost a spouse. She was obviously grieving but also was able to find joy in the midst of her grief. She listened to others and supported them as much as she shared her own grief. Her strength, optimism, lovable personality, and strong faith in God shine bright! Six years have passed since the day we met. I have watched her navigate life in such an inspiring way. She has been able to take her story and use it for good. She has mothered her little boy while always finding age appropriate ways to explain and celebrate his father’s/her late husband’s life. She has shared her struggles and victories with those who needed to hear her story. She knows what it feels like to lose a loved one, someone she loved with every piece of her heart. She also knows what it’s like to find love again. I’m so excited for Jenny and her decision to help others as a grief consultant. She’s perfect for the job! Take my word for it, she’s awesome! I highly recommend her if you are grieving and in need of a special person to work through your grief with.

Jeannie & Sawyer

"Well, how do I begin? I met Jenny about three months after my husband's suicide. He ended his life on November 26, 2012. It was four days before our sons first birthday. I had heard through the grapevine about a group starting at Kensington Church in February 2013 called Grief Share. I was a robot due to grief. I buried my husband, had our son's first birthday, and went back to work all within three days. In addition to suicide support groups and one-on-one counseling, Grief Share was a beautiful part of my healing. It was 13 weeks to look forward to sitting in a room with people who got it and work books to help. I ended up sitting at the table for widows as we were grouped into tables based on the person/relationship we lost. It was so helpful to sit this way. Jenny and I instantly connected, our losses were close together in time and we both had young boys. Ever since than we have kept in touch, met for coffee, encouraged each other, and, most of all, validated and related with each other. We respect each others boundaries and speak truth all based around our beliefs in God and Jesus. It has been inspiring to see her get married and to blend a family and to be real about it. I am so excited for her next journey into giving the gift of support in a new normal of life and how you can overcome and still leave space for those we have lost.

Jen & Kenya

I met Jenny in a Single Parent group several years ago and her life story from pain to purpose immediately struck and inspired me. She moved into a leadership role and spoke several times to large groups of women about perseverance, strength, trust and faith amidst death and grief, and then later to thousands of people across our many church locations. She is deeply inspiring, articulate, and heartfelt, and powerfully shows you how to keep going and follow God during the most difficult moments. Both of my parent’s died over a two year period of time and Jenny showed up in all the right ways supporting and mentoring me and really “got” the intensity of struggles I was going through. I was care taking both my parents for several years while they were ill and dying, meanwhile raising a toddler on my own full time as a single Mom and running a consulting business. Jenny has special gifts and a calling from God to shepherd people through life’s most difficult season. She helps them keep living, loving and learning how to heal and rise above the darkness of death to rebuild a new life – a new normal, that honors the past and gives way to a hopeful future.