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Move toward a new normal that gives honor, joy, and beauty to your journey.

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Wondering when things are going to get “back to normal”?

At New Normal Grief Consulting, we know that going “back to normal” is not possible after a world has shattered. Grief can make you feel alone, hopeless, and paralyzed as you wonder what to do next. It takes courage to gather up those broken pieces and move forward, not move on, toward a new normal. That’s where we come in. We understand grief and heartbreak. We know what it is like to look at your world shattered into sorrow. We have had the courage to dare to build something beautiful from those pieces.

Let New Normal Grief Consultant Jenny Moeller journey with you through flexible consult methods and client-based goals to discover a beautiful new normal.

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Grief consulting from someone who has been through it.

Grief consulting from someone who has been through it.

In 2011, Jenny began to grieve “what was supposed to be” when her late husband was diagnosed with cancer 4 months after the birth of their son. In 2013, after 19 months of living with cancer, her husband passed and she started her season as a widowed single mom. 

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